Defamatory web sites posted on large web hosts such as Yahoo Geocities, Tripod, Homestead etc. may be even harder to get the attention of, let alone see action from , so this is why believes that the most effective efforts that can be made with respect to the issue of cyber bullying is based upon prevention.


 Some websites such as offer users the opportunity to create online polling/voting booths. Cyber bullies can use these Web sites to create Web pages that allow others to vote online for “the ugliest”, fastest, dumbest etc boy/girl at …. school.

While such Web sites may state that they do not condone the use of their web sites for such purposes and we do commend them for having clear abuse policies and a clear abuse reporting system, the reality is that most of these pages are not regulated by the website creators. They are supposed to be overseen by the volunteer maintainers who are supposed to be the quality control gatekeepers but most of these positions are listed as abandoned.


There are many emerging technologies such as Wi-  Fi , Spot, three degrees etc that are making it easier to be connected to the internet and therefore one another anywhere, anytime. We are becoming an increasingly wired society. This offers many exciting possibilities to create, connect and learn from one another. Some fabulous examples of this potential can be seen on such websites as IEARN, Childnet International, the Global Junior Challenge the Stockholm Challenge etc.


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