Tips on Expressing Anger

Anger can be expressed in many constructive, creative and safe ways. Here is a list of ways that you can express your anger.

Have fun adding to the list.

1. Write a letter to your abuser or others that have made you angry.

2. Take a self defense course such as Wen-Do, Tai Chi, karate

3. Make a special pillow that you can pound when you are angry. Draw or paint a face of  your abuser on the pillow.

4. Take up aerobics and imagine punching or kicking your abuser.

5. Pound the bed with a swim noodle or a tennis racket

6.Go to a therapist who specializes in trauma counselling

7. Organize a political rally opposing violence against women.

8. Make up a fantasy about what you could do to the person that made you angry. Write it down.





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