Specifiying Your Problem Situation

taken from the Anxiety and Phobia Book

On a separate sheet of paper write   two or three of your own problem situations. Be sure to specify the Who, When, What, How and Fear and the Goal. If possible choose situations that are current for you right now. Begin with a situation that’s not very uncomfortable or overwhelming.

Developing an Assertive Response

Now that you have defined your problem situations, the next step is to develop an assertive response for each one. For the purposes of learning assertiveness skills a response can be broken down into six steps (adapted from Bowers Work)

1. Evaluate your rights within the situation at hand.

2. Designate a time for discussing what you want.

3. Addressing the main person involved, state the problem in terms of its consequences to you.

4. Express your feelings about the particular situation

5. Make your request for changing the situation

6.Tell this person the consequences of gaining or not gaining their co-operation.



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