Fear is a normal part of life and of the healing process. The more you become familiar with it, the less distressing it will be. Panic is fear that has spiraled out of control. You feel panic when you get scared by your own emotions and don’t have the skills to calm yourself down or when you are trying like mad to supress memories or feelings. Sometimes panic comes when the past intrudes into the present and it feels like it is happening now. Panic can seem to come out of the blue but there is always a trigger. Often it is a reminder of abuse that you are not consciously aware of.

A) Breathe

B) Sit with the feeling – often women think that they have to do something quickly to get away from the feelings of terror and alarm but this frenzy to escape can escalate your fear rather than relieve it.

Don’t rush into action! Instead reassure yourself that this is just a feeling, powerful as it may be, and that feelings always change. When you are extremely frightened, expressing your feelings can sometimes free you from your fear.The most effective way to deal with panic is to catch it early. Once panic spirals out of control, it is more difficult to manage, but keep yourself focused in a positive direction.


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