Connecting with Nature

Another way to seek meaning and purpose is to connect with nature. Eitner (2001) president of the Masters Group and a Reiki master has used and taught various methods to achieve advanced states of consciousness that shift and change old trauma-bound patterns, fears,and defenses. She had found that healing trauma and related negative addictive behaviour patterns can be done effectively in nature. Project Nature Connect, also called the natural systems thinking process or reconnecting with nature, provides safe, easy, and supportive experiences to restore the senses wounded by traumatic experiences. Through the use of these experiences, persons who have been traumatized can become part of and build connections to the web of life or supportive natural community. Project Nature Connect, in a series of interactions experienced in nature, restores these connections and senses to their natural state. The exercises she uses in her work emphasize natural attractions, positive feelings and appreciation building a framework for you as a survivor to become connected to what is specifically positive and supportive for you.

Project Nature Connect is  – Taken from the PTSD Workbook


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