Building a Container

You can use this exercise to help yourself be grounded during a flashback.

Get comfortable in your chair, take three deep breathes and surround yourself in a white light three times. You are in charge of this experience and if something is said that you feel uncomfortable with, do not attempt it. Now make this time just for yourself, clear all thoughts out of your mind. Now picture yur self:  walking down a long wooden stairway to a very beautiful, expansive beach. It looks almost deserted and stretches off into the horizon as far as you can see. The sand is very fine and light … almost white in appearance.

You step onto the sand in  your bare feet and rub it between your toes. It feels so good to walk slowly along this beautiful beach. The roaring sound of the surf is so soothing that you can just let go of anything on your mind.  You are watching the waves ebb and flow… they are slowly coming in…. breaking over each other … then slowly flowing back out again. The ocean itself is a beautiful shade of blue … a shade of blue that is so relaxing just to look at it. You look out over the surface of the ocean all the way to the horizon, and then follow the horizon as far as you can see, noticing how it bends slightly downward as it follows the curvature of the earth. As you scan the ocean, you can see many miles off shore a tiny sailboat skimming along the surface of the water. Add all of these sights help you to just let go and relax even more. As you continue down the beach you become aware of the fresh salty smell of the sea air. You take a deep breathe in ….. breathe out … and feel very refreshed and even more relaxed. Overhead you notice two seagulls flying out to sea … looking very graceful as they soar into the wind…. And you imagine how you might feel yourself if you had the freedom to fly. You find yourself settling into a deep state of relaxation as you walk along the beach, you feel the sea breeze blowing gently against your cheek and the wramth of the sun overhead penetrating your neck and shoulders. You are beginning to feel perfectly content on this beautiful beach. It is such a lovely day. in a moment up ahead you see a container in the sand, you walk up to the container and become very curious as to what is inside. As you survey the box you notice all of the different symbols and signs that are on the outside of the container they seem to calm you. As you lift the lid of the container you notice that the container is very strong and you imagine what it might like to put all of your feelings, sensations, thoughts and images inside the container. they seem to calm you. And as you look in the container, you notice that there is a pen and some parchment paper. You take the paper out and decide to write all of yor concerns on the paper. As you write the works you notice that your body feels lighter and calmer. you decide to lock all of your concerns in the container  so that do not have to carry them with you and longer and that up can return to them when ever you wish. Once the container is locked you decide that it is time to return home and so you walk back along the beach noticing how light and calm you feel … as if the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. You notice that you are happy that you left all of your concerns behind in the container. As you walk you take a deep breathe in and inhale the fresh salty air, you see  a seagull flying overhead and hear the sound of the surf. And as you do this, you notice that everything seems sharper and cleared. Again you feel a sense of peace and contentement. You walk back up the stairs and over to your car. You turn for one last look at the beach and remember that you have put all of your concerns in the container. You decide that you can return to the concern whenever you wish. A feeling of peace and calmness envelops you.


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