The Impact After Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault is a crime of violence committed against the will of its survivor.Survivors do not ask, want or enjoy being sexually assaulted. They do not provoke the assault. SURVIVORS ARE NOT TO BLAME! Yet the social and psychologicial impact of sexual assault is not only an assault on the body, but perhaps the more devastating an assault on the mind. Furthermore, sexual assault is the only crime in which the survivor may feel or be treated as the accused. In order to better understand, support and assist in their survival, it is important to examine some of the feelings and emotions experienced by survivors of sexual assault.

SHOCK – As with any other crisis situation, the survivor will be left in a state of shock. They may even feel numbness or a certain degree of calmness.

DISBELIEF –  Was I really assaulted? Why me? I didn’t do anything to warrant an assault?

EMBARRASSMENT – What will others think of me? I can’t tell anyone. I’m too ashamed. What if I do tell someone and they don’t believe me? I can’t face anyone.

FEAR – I’m scared to be alone. Am I ever going to feel safe again? Am I pregnant or do I have a sexually tranmitted disease? I’m afraid to go out by myself. Can I ever be intimate again? Will people be able to tell I’ve been assaulted? I keep having nightmares. I’m frightened to death.

DEPRESSION – I can’t go on. I feel so tired and helpless. I don’t seem to care about anything or anyone anymore. I can’t seem to get motivated.

HELPLESSNESS – I feel like I lost control. Will I ever regain it?

DISORIENTATION – I can’t concentrate. I’m having trouble getting through the day. I’m having difficulty adjusting amd communicating with family, friends and collegues.

RETRIGGERING – I keep seeing and hearing things which remind me of the assault. I keep having flashbacks of the assault and can’t seem to stop them from reoccuring.

DENIAL – Wasn’t it just sexual assault? It’s not serious. I mean I’m still alive aren’t I.

ANXIETY – Anxiety may produce physical symptoms such as abdominal pains and discomfort, nauseau, muscle tension, difficulty with breathing, digestion or sleep. The victim may suffer from headaches, hot and cold sweats, dizziness and nightmares.

ANGER- I want to hurt the person who did this to me!


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  Jodi Lobozzo Aman (@JodiAman) wrote @

Thank you so much for this interesting blog post. I’m glad we connected on twitter. recovering from sexual abuse is hard but not impossible.

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