Music that Helps us get through difficult times

Music is a tool that can be used to help with healing.

Here are some helpful questions to ask:

1. Could I ask you some questions about the music that helps you get through difficult times?

2. Is there a particular song that is helpful or calming for you?

a. What is the name of the song?

b. Who is the particular musician/singer/group?

c. Is it the lyrics, beat or  music that is calming?

d. When did this song become significant to you? (childhood,someone introuduced etc)

3. Why does this song particularly resonate for you and touch your life?

4. Are there certain words or phrases that are meaningful for you?

5. What values do you hold precious in this song?


Outsider Witness:

What stood out to you in hearing X talk about music/song?

Do you know why this stood out to you? Is there something in your own life that resonated?


Taken from Angel Yeun Summer Narrative Therapy Intensive July 2012.


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