Healing Tips

If you are having a flashback, you know that this is happening, try some things on this list. If one doesn’t work, try another one. They are designed to break a trance state and get you back in touch with the present.

Tips for containing a flashback:

blink hard, then blink again.

change your body position

breathe slowly and deeply

go to a safe place

say your name out loud

drink a glass of ice water

tell someone what you need.

move vigorously to release energy

name people or objects in the room

hold something that is comforting

listen to a tape/DVD or i pod of something soothing

make tea,

call a friend

eat a snack

jump up and down, wave arms

make eye contact with your pet

clap your hands

breathe deeply

wash your face

g0 outside for fresh air

Repeat to yourself ” I am safe”


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